Diamant, Hirsh


Technical Degree, Building and Architecture, Kiev, Ukraine, 1964; B.F.A., Painting and Sculpture, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel,1975; M.F.A., Photography and New Forms, Pratt Institute, 1978; Ph.D., Arts in Education and Human Development, Union Institute, 1998.

Expertise: visual, expressive and media arts including arts of self cultivation, cultural and Chinese studies, human development, education

Interests: Chinese classical texts, painting, film, theater, alternative education, alchemy and arts of transformation, consciousness studies, Native American studies

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Sem II B-3115
(360) 867-6736

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2014-15 Business and Culture Along the Silk Roads
2013-14 A Sense of Wonder
2013-14 Arts and the Child: Early Childhood
2013-14 Arts and the Child: Elementary School
2013-14 Arts and the Child: Student Projects
2013-14 Re-Imagining the Body
2012-13 Business and Culture Along the Silk Roads
2012-13 Transformations
2012-13 Visual Literacies
2011-12 Art, Culture, and Education
2011-12 Cornerstone Seminar
2011-12 Cornerstone Seminar
2011-12 Student-Originated Studies: Art, Culture, Education, and Human Development
2011-12 Visual Literacies