Davies, Jon


B.A., English, Oberlin College, 1972; M.A., Physical Education, Oberlin College, 1978; Ed.D, University of San Diego, 1994.

Expertise: education

Interests: teacher education (language arts)

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Sem II A-3110
(360) 867-6619

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2013-14 Assessment in Literacy
2013-14 Children's Literature
2013-14 Imperialism
2013-14 Instructional Methods in Literacy
2013-14 Political Economy of Public Education: Contemporary Historical Realities
2013-14 Sport and Society
2012-13 Children's Literature
2012-13 Foundations of Literacy
2012-13 Master in Teaching Year 2
2012-13 Research in Literacy
2011-12 Assessment in Literacy
2011-12 Children's Literature
2011-12 Instructional Methods in Literacy
2011-12 Master in Teaching Year 1