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Chemistry [clear]

Name Phone Location Photo

Barlow, Clyde

Expertise: chemistry, instrumental analysis

Related Subjects: Chemistry

(360) 867-6053 barlowc Lab I 054 Photo

Bopegedera, Dharshi

Expertise: physical chemistry

Related Subjects: Chemistry

(360) 867-6620 bopegedd Lab I 2006 Photo

Brabban, Andrew

Expertise: biology, genetics, microbiology

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences Environmental Studies/Agriculture Chemistry

(360) 867-6157 brabbana Lab II 2261 Photo

McKinstry, Lydia

Expertise: organic chemistry

Related Subjects: Chemistry

(360) 867-5262 mckinstl Lab I 2008 Photo

Neitzel, James

Expertise: biology, biochemistry

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences Chemistry

(360) 867-6463 neitzelj Lab I 1065 Photo

Schofield, Paula

Expertise: organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, biochemistry

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences Chemistry

(360) 867-6013 schofiep Lab I 3026 Photo

Sunderman, Rebecca

Expertise: physical and inorganic chemistry

Related Subjects: Chemistry

(360) 867-6121 sundermr Lab I 1013 Photo

Switz, Neil

Expertise: physics, biomedical engineering, optical imaging and microscopy

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences Mathematics and Physics Chemistry

(360) 867-6019 switzn Lab I 1010 Photo