Longhouse Scheduling

General Classroom & Kitchen Scheduling

Off-campus groups:

Please call Conference Services at (360) 867-6192.

On-campus groups:

Please call Space Scheduling at 867-6314.

Tribal groups and all other questions:

Please call Tina Kuckkahn, or Laura Grabhorn (360) 867-6413.

Kitchen Scheduling

Contact Space Scheduling to set up a tentative res- ervation. The scheduling of the kitchen will be prioritized the same as the Longhouse classrooms. This means the kitchen can only be scheduled by quarter (no advance scheduling unless approved by Space Scheduling) and preference will be given to groups in the same order as classrooms: a. Native academic programs, b. Events spon- sored by Native public service centers (Longhouse or NIARI), c. All other academic pro- grams, d. Events, including Tribal requests, deemed high priority for scheduling by VP’s, e. All other events.

Contact Facilities Work Request to submit a work order to schedule the Longhouse kitchen and provide a budget number so the work order can be processed. There is a $50 non-refundable per day fee to use the Longhouse kitchen. When the work order notification is issued to Space Scheduling, we will con- firm your reservation. Failure to submit a work order will result in a cancellation of your reservation for the kitchen without further notice.

The kitchen key can be checked out twenty-four hours prior to the beginning of your event and must be returned within twenty-four hours following the end of your event (please use drop box located in Welcome Hall if returning on Sat/Sun or after 5:00pm Mon-Fri). If the key is not returned within this twenty-four hour time frame, your ac- count will be charged a $50 late fee for each twenty-four hour period (or portion thereof) with a $50.00 minimum until the key is returned. The kitchen key is available at Key Issues in the Facilities Office in Lab II 1254. Photo identification is required when you visit the key shop to check out the key.

The kitchen is to be left in clean and useable condition when your event ends. We have posted “Use and Cleaning Guidelines” near the door in the kitchen. This list in- cludes general cleaning guidelines and care for the equipment and plumbing; a clean- ing kit will be provided. If you arrive and find the kitchen in any condition other than clean and useable, report it immediately (within the first 30 minutes of your reserva- tion) to the Space Management office at x5313. Failure to report an issue within this period will indicate to us the space was clean and useable upon your arrival. If the kitchen is left not cleaned, we will charge an additional fee to the user’s budget which will be equal to the cost of staff overtime to clean the facility. If kitchen equipment is broken or plumbing guidelines are ignored, you will be responsible for the full cost of repairs.

Scheduling Priorities

Wall and Bleacher Moves

Please note walls and bleachers may only be moved by trained personnel. There is a furniture storage room in 1007A(1009) and in 1007B (1008). Please use these rooms to store or retrieve extra tables or chairs.

The classrooms with moveable walls are:

When you schedule the LC 1007 rooms, please put in a work order to have Building Services configure the walls for your event.

DO NOT attempt to move the walls yourself.

You can e-mail Facilities Work Request at facilities@evergreen.edu