Facilities Engineering Services

Engineering Services provides support for many Facilities Services projects. Rich Davis serves as the Facilities Engineer. He has worked at Evergreen since 1994, having a background in mechanical engineering consulting and work at two California school districts (assistant director of maintenance and energy/utilities engineer). He is a licensed professional engineer and attorney in the state of Washington, and holds a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from Oregon State University and a juris doctor from Seattle University.

The goals of Engineering Services include:

  • Monitoring and controlling the use of utilities,
  • Managing boundary issues,
  • Supporting the mission of the college by assisting students and faculty,
  • Providing system design, assuring the safety of engineered systems, performing economic analyses of proposals, and assisting with code compliance,
  • Managing projects,
  • Providing support as required for projects managed by others,
  • Managing the elevator maintenance contract.

Main Campus Utility Usage