Steps to Register for e2Campus Alerts

Register for e2Campus alerts

1. You have the option to register Using EMAIL Only.

Otherwise, first register for alerts by creating your e2 account. Create a username; enter your first and last name; create a password; enter your cell phone number and select your carrier as indicated. Check the "Agree to Terms of Service" box, and then click the Create Account button. (Additional options for emails, RSS readers, etcetera, will be available on successive pages after you create your account.)

2. After you create your account, watch your email and/or cell phone for verification messages designed to ensure correct and reliable communications to phones and email addresses.

3. With email: it is particularly important to check that the resulting message did not enter your junk email folder, etc. and to add the email address to your safe list if it did. Due to the variety of security levels associated with email accounts, networks, spam filters, and computer systems, this step is crucial to ensure an open channel for emergency messages. In Microsoft Outlook, for example, if you do not receive a verification message in a few minutes, please check the junk email folder. To do this, right-click on the message from e2campus@omnilert.net and choose . The procedure for safe-listing messages will vary with different email systems and networks.

Cell phones will receive a verification code via text message that you enter into the Web site ensuring that your phone received the test message and can therefore receive text messages in the future.

If you fail to follow the link in the email to verify your registration or fail to enter a cell phone code onto the Web site when prompted, your cell phone or email will not be registered with the system.


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