All-Campus Mentoring Day Schedule

All Campus Mentoring Day

Wednesday, February 19, 1:30-5:00 p.m.
Seminar 2

All undergraduates are welcome to attend advising and mentoring sessions led by faculty.

Each session will be offered twice.  In between each session, faculty will be available for informal advising in their assigned classrooms.  Refreshments will be served.


  • 1:30-2:30 First Session
  • 2:30-2:45  Break: Please join us for refreshments in E2105. Cake and beverages will be served until 4:00
  • 2:45-3:45  Open House:  Students visit faculty in their session rooms for impromptu conversation and advising. 
  • 3:45-4:00  Break
  • 4:00-5:00  Second Session

Faculty will help you make the most of your Evergreen education and prepare for work and graduate school.  Please join us!

Understanding Evergreen

Your Education and Your Academic Statement - D1107

Nancy Koppelman

If you just enrolled at Evergreen this year and missed Orientation, or if you don’t know anything about the Academic Statement and want to, this session is for you.  You’ll learn about how the Academic Statement strengthens your final transcript and about how faculty will support you as you work on it throughout your Evergreen career. 

Framing Your Academic Statement - A1107

Rebecca Chamberlin, Steve Hendricks, Rebecca Sunderman, Brian Walter

This workshop is for students who have a draft of their Academic Statement and would like peer and faculty feedback to bring it closer to completion. We will include strategies for highlighting what is important in your education, thinking about your future audience, basic editing skills, writing an author’s note, and peer editing and feedback. Students must bring a hard copy of their draft Academic Statement.

When and How To Do An Individual Learning Contract (ILC) - D1105

Elizabeth Williamson, Sean Williams, Paul Przybylowicz

You can study whatever you want at Evergreen, right? Yes and no. ILCs and internships give students the chance to do extensive project and pre-professional work, and study advanced topics not available in the regular curriculum. But not every contract idea is viable, and contracts do not replace your “perfect” program. This session walks you through the process of deciding if an ILC is right for you, and how to pursue one.

Note: ILCs and internships are for advanced students, but all students are welcome at this session, which will help you figure out how to incorporate an ILC into your academic planning.

Transfer Students:  Making Evergreen Work for You - B1107

Jim Neitzel, Drew Buchman

Faculty presenters will cover dos and don’ts to help transfer students get off to a good start. Evergreen is different! You’ll learn why Evergreen has “four nos”: no grades, no credit distribution requirements, no ranks, and no departments. We’ll discuss what it means to take responsibility for your education, and how to be a vital member of a learning community.

Study Abroad - C1107

Kristina Ackley, Steve Niva

Many students describe study abroad as the most pivotal part of their undergraduate experience. We’ll discuss the options for travel available at Evergreen, how study abroad fits with the broader expectations and philosophies of the college, and what sorts of post-baccalaureate internships, work, or graduate studies might come out of a study abroad experience.

Cultivating Voice:  Tutoring in the Writing Center - C2107

Sandy Yannone and Writing Tutors

The Writing Center offers supportive, engaging meetings with peer tutors to encourage writers to develop their writing process with any genre of writing, whether credit bearing or not.  This session will introduce writers how best to utilize the Center and provide information regarding how to become employed as a writing tutor.    

Did I Miss Anything Important? - D2105

Ralph Murphy, Jean Mandeberg

How can you make the most out of your education at Evergreen?  Faculty will share lessons learned that they wished they had known as undergraduate students. Semi-formal remarks will be followed by a group discussion.

Disciplines, Interdisciplines, and Fields of Study at Evergreen and Beyond

Anthropology and History - D3105

Ulrike Krotscheck, Stacey Davis

Learn about studying history and/or anthropology. We’ll discuss Evergreen programs and faculty in these fields; how to differentiate between introductory, intermediate and advanced work; how to do a senior thesis or project, and graduate school. We’ll address the question, “What kind of career can I pursue with a concentration in history or anthropology?”

Arts in the Curriculum - E1107

Arun Chandra, Lisa Sweet, Shaw Osha

We will answer questions about art offerings at Evergreen and how to approach studying art in a liberal arts context. We will discuss the relevance of research, writing, and interdisciplinary coursework to artistic development. We will also discuss ways in which students can do various levels of art study, including advanced work.

The Bachelor of Science and the Liberal Arts - E3105

Krishna Chowdary, Richard Weiss, Trisha Vickrey

We will discuss curricular pathways in Scientific Inquiry, and examine strategies for finding and articulating your rich path as a science student at a liberal arts college. We’ll address topics such as why scientists should bother with seminar, history, philosophy, languages, and writing.  We’ll also discuss the requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree and how to plan to earn one. 

Business Studies at Evergreen - B2109

David Shaw

Interested in Business at Evergreen? Join faculty in an informal discussion of options and opportunities regarding our business curriculum.

Education in Schools, Communities and Outdoors - A1105

Grace Huerta, Maggie Foran, Leslie Flemmer

We will discuss K-12 teacher preparation, educational research and policy development, alternative schooling, student and community advocacy, ESL, critical pedagogy, and adult and higher education.  The study of education examines conditions that influence teaching and learning in a range of educational settings, and so considers intersections of race, class, culture, gender, language, and students with special needs. With an analysis of what sustainable institutional policies and practices help educators become successful partners with their students, this panel will discuss how the education field offers a myriad of professional possibilities for students today.

Human and Environmental Health - B1105

Marja Eloheimo, Cindy Beck

Health and well-being are directly linked to the social and natural world. At Evergreen, we examine cultural, racial, economic, geographic, familial, religious, genetic and psychological influences on health. We will discuss how to study health-related topics, as well as pathways in public, global, and individual health and healing. Bring curiosity, questions, and experiences, and be ready to discuss your academic and professional hopes and plans, internship opportunities, community service, and graduate school options.

The Humanities:  Advanced Work and Graduate Study - D3109

Diego de Acosta, Joe Tougas, Julie Russo

We will identify humanities offerings for advanced students, and talk about how to do advanced work in other programs.  We will also discuss how to pursue senior theses and capstone projects, and combine work in the humanities with interdisciplinary study. We’ll talk about graduate school: preparing to apply, the nature of graduate work in the humanities, and what an advanced degree in the humanities can prepare you to do.

Science:  Preparing for Graduate Study - C2105

Erik Thuesen, Dharshi Bopegedera, Donald Morisato

In this panel we will talk about how to prepare for graduate school in the biological and physical sciences. We will explore how your academic preparation as an undergraduate enables you to select and finance graduate school, what graduate school can be like, and where a graduate education will lead you in your career paths. There will also be small group conversations for students to ask questions about specific fields of study (including chemistry, marine biology, and genetics and molecular biology).

Psychology:  Research, Theory, Practice, and Interdisciplinary Study - E3107

Heesoon Jun

The session will explore how to navigate through lower level and all-level interdisciplinary programs, upper-level psychology-focused programs, and internships when studying psychology at Evergreen. We will also discuss advantages of multi-quarter programs; the various areas of psychology represented by the faculty at Evergreen (clinical, cognitive, social, developmental, health psychology, research); and how to prepare for entry into Master’s degree programs in Counseling Psychology and Social Work, and research-oriented doctoral programs in the psychological social sciences.

Sustainability and Justice - B2107

Anthony Zaragoza

Are you interested in Sustainability and Justice? How can you gain the background, skills and vision to make change in areas that count—food systems, climate change, cultural survival, racial and economic justice, media and communications, green business, community and international studies? In this workshop, students will create mind maps based on concepts and skills of interest to navigate academic pathways through the S & J curriculum. They will also meet with faculty in their specified fields of interest, including food systems, political economy, cultural and media studies, and environmental sustainability.