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Spring 2013 Stories

Jennifer Lamont ImageSettling in as a Transfer Student

By Hayden Courtney

Elena Smith with Student ImageEvergreen and SPSCC Partner to Expand Foreign Language Options

By Asmaa’ Bint Abdul-Azeem

Spring 2012 Stories

Jens Lund ImageDistinct Stories, Distinct Backgrounds

By Laura Hersh

Marla Elliott Image
Singing in the Rain... and Snow... and Sunshine

By Kristine Gannie

Winter 2012 Stories

Director of Admissions, Bryan Gould ImageGood as Gould: Evergreen’s New Director of Admissions

By Erin Dorrough

Kurtis Dawson, YMCA - Grays Harbor ImageTalking About Books:

Not Just for Oprah Anymore
By Tovi A. McClellan

Winter 2011 Stories

Mike Fekete and Valerie Adrian ImageEWS Launching Pad for Innovative Alumni

By Ami Sandoval-Orzel

Casey and Jim Dunivan ImageFather-Son Student Duo

Find a Rich Learning Environment
By Diana Carlson

Fall 2010 Stories

Cameron Jason ImageEvergreen at the Forefront

By K.T. Cox

Susan Preciso and Sarah Ryan ImageWhat is History For?

By Neal Jensen

Spring 2010 Stories

Heather Poore ImageReturning Adult Students: Managing your Reinvention

By Neil Twilla

Nancy Anderson and Helena Meyer-KanppAfter a War: The Complexities of Peace

EWS Program Examines the Realities of Peace-making
By Katharine Langsdorf

Winter 2010 Stories

Jill Story ImageSecond Chances

EWS Alumna Gets a New Start with a New Career
By Neal Jensen

Writing Center Workshop ImageInnovative Teaching in a Test-Centered System

Winter 2009 Stories

A healthier EnvironmentA Healthier Enviornment for Public Health

By Mat Slobodkin

Through Different LensesThrough Different Lenses

Team Taught Interdisciplinary Programs
By Russell Kaehler

allen olsonNew Dean

New Student Options
By Sarah Morris

Fall 2008 Stories

Heeding the Call Heeding the Call

Greeners in the Ministry
By Song Rose Israel

Entry PointsEntry Points

Classes Designed with Students New to Evergreen in Mind
By Michelle Gulden

icon for turningTurning Point

What Brought You to Evergreen
By Hannah Maier

Where are They Now?

question mark icon
Checking Up on Evening and Weekend Studies Alumni (past stories)

Three Stories
By Alexa Steele

Winter 2007 Stories

Lynn AueEvening & Weekend Studies Helps Workers Find New Paths
Rediscovering Your Talents
By Crystal Shepherd

Jackie FerradoLearning from Life
Work, Life Worth Credit through Prior Learning from Experience
By Annette Santomassimo

Dan PacholkeTurning Point
What Brought you to Evergreen
By Ian McGuffick