Evening & Weekend Studies

Financial Aid and Costs

Financial Aid

Special Students

Special students are not eligible to receive financial aid, but may apply for the Evening & Weekend Studies Tuition Waiver.

Admitted Students

Regularly admitted students who attend part-time or full-time may be eligible for financial aid. You need to complete two financial aid forms: the FAFSA and the Financial Aid Data Sheet, which are both available in our Financial Aid Office. You may also apply for the Evening & Weekend Studies Tuition Waiver and you should check Evergreen's scholarship page for other opportunities.

Washington State Employees

Evergreen extends educational benefits to permanent full-time classified employees of Washington State and Active National Guard personnel through the Washington State Tuition Exemption. Information and forms are available on the Registration and Records site. To register, you must attend the first class and take no more than six credits per quarter. If there is room in the course the faculty may sign your registration form. You should pay your $30 processing fee at the Cashiers Office and return to Registration and Records to process the registration. Note: The tuition exemption does not apply to summer quarter courses, or graduate school offerings.



Tuition will depend on the number of credits you are taking for a given quarter.  If you take nine credits or fewer you will pay on a per-credit basis, but if you take ten to eighteen credits you will pay a flat tuition rate.  Tuition also depends on your residency status in the state of Washington. Tuition rates are set each year by the Washington State Legislature.


Various student fees have been approved and are charged at the time of registration. In addition, there may be fees specific to a course or program.