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Media Equipment and Labor Rates

While planning your event, plan to contact Electronic Media at least two to three weeks prior to your event date.

We would like to know of your event even if you do not have all of the details finalized. Advance notice will ensure that your event flows as trouble-free as possible. Production request cost estimates will be based on the technical requirements of the individual job. An estimate will be provided prior to accepting the job.

Current Evergreen students, staff, and faculty may check out some materials through Media Loan for class-related needs. Contact either Media Loan at (360) 867-6253 or Electronic Media at (360) 867-6270 for more information.

NOTE: If your event is charging admission or asking for any type of a donation, you must contact Electronic Media to produce your event. You will be charged for all materials used through Media Loan whether they are checked out through you or Electronic Media.

  • Academic & Campus events include: students, faculty, and staff on campus supporting the college mission whether charging admission or not.
  • Commercial & External events include: conferences, alumni and all other users, including individuals, groups attending conferences on campus, or state agencies requesting service.

Changes in production requests. All productions will be planned, negotiated, and estimates provided in advance. Due to the limited amount of equipment available on a first-come-first-served basis, you will be charged for equipment you have requested and that has been reserved for you unless there is a malfunction. Please plan accordingly.