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Electronic Media internships provide opportunities for in-depth learning of a variety of media skills and concepts. Advanced media students are able to focus on and pursue deep knowledge of specific media concepts and skills in the context of a tightly-knit cohort who collaborate on developing academic and creative research agendas that parallel and are informed by their work as interns. Internships involve about 30 hours per week for 12-14 credits per quarter and are available in animation/imaging, audio, Media Loan, multimedia lab, music technology, production, video production, and video post-production. Each intern gains and strengthens instructional, technical, research, organizational, leadership, communication, and collaborative skills as they work with supervising staff associated with each of these areas to support instruction, maintenance, and administration of facilities, and to fulfill campus production needs. The interns meet weekly as a group to share skills, collaborate on projects, and to facilitate working together on productions and cross training among areas. Interns will also engage in productions in the Center for Creative and Applied Media (CCAM) TV Studio, multi-track audio studios, and other advanced production facilities.

The Media Internship program includes two to four credits of academic inquiry per quarter that will involve individual research in the critical history of specific media technologies with an emphasis on the social, cultural, and economic influences on their development and adoption by both mainstream and alternative producers. As students expand their practical and theoretical knowledge of media technologies, they will examine their own roles as producers, artists, teachers, and leaders through reflective writing and through the production of both individual and collaborative creative media projects. Interns meet weekly as a group with staff or faculty to share skills, seminar on readings or screenings, peer review writing, and collaborate on projects, productions, and cross-training in all Media Services areas.

The Media Internship program requires a year-long commitment from Fall through Spring quarters. Interns work 30 to 40 hours a week and are paid 15 to 19 hours a week, depending on credit distribution. For more information, please check out the Media Internships page in the 2017-2018 Academic Catalog; the 2018-2019 Media Internships page will be posted when it is ready.

Academic & job-related projects include:

  • Event production support: Attend weekly EM training workshops focusing on hardware, software, and production processes.
  • Media facility oversight: maintenance and oversight of associated service logs for labs and equipment.
  • Instructional academic support: Conduct proficiency tests, assist with workshops, and prepare written materials.
  • Become familiar with audio/video/media software and learn to troubleshoot common problems.
  • Collaborative intern team work: Develop production and team-building skills as a part of a group production, including a large-scale intern-led production.
  • Academic studies: Engage your own academic studies in a group setting and through independent research.
  • Attend weekly intern meetings.

Faculty Signature Required

Following the retirement of Peter Randlette, Ashley Williams and Ben Hargett are the interim internship program coordinators. Interested students are strongly encouraged to inquire in Winter or early Spring Quarter, and then meet with faculty and staff at the Spring Academic Fair on Wednesday, May 17th, 2018.

Major areas of study include focuses on animation, audio recording, electro/acoustic music technology, film and video production, media production, and multimedia computing.


To be considered for this advanced program, applicants must be at a junior or senior class standing; transfer students are also welcome to apply. Additionally, students must have successfully completed a minimum of one year of study of college-level media skill training pertaining to the internship position. Prior completion of programs or courses such as Mediaworks, Non-Fiction Media, Audio Recording, Introduction to Music Technology, or their equivalents are required.

To Apply

Interested applicants are expected to submit the following:

  1. An Electronic Media Internship Application (online form)
  2. A letter of interest
  3. A current résumé, including relevant academic work
Please note that you do not need to fill out a Media Services job application, just the internship app.

All materials can be submitted through the online application. Additionally, bring completed and sealed materials to the E.M. Front Desk in Library 1501 (across from the Multimedia Lab), or send to:

Electronic Media — email or call at (360) 867-6270 (x6270)
The Evergreen State College
2700 Evergreen Parkway
LIB 1403 (Near the EM Area on the 1st Floor of the Library)
Olympia, WA 98505

Application Deadlines

Applications will be accepted starting on Monday, April 23rd, 2018 (start of Week 4 of Spring Quarter), and will close at 12pm Monday, May 21st, 2018 (first day of Week 8 of Spring Quarter). Applicants will be contacted by late May regarding their status, and consideration for an interview.

The priority deadline for applications is 12pm on Monday, May 21st2018.

Positions will remain open until filled; not all positions are necessarily filled each year.

Internship Positions


The Animation/Imaging Intern supports the 2D and 3D animation systems on campus, and researches methods for utilizing 16mm projection and production systems for classical and direct animation. This position works closely with the Video interns to develop methods for digitizing 16mm optical film, options for compositing using Aftereffects and Dragonframe, and supports the development of animation in the curriculum.

Contact: Aaron Kruse (360) 867-6842 / email Aaron


The Audio Intern develops advanced technical knowledge in all aspects of audio production systems through readings, independent research, and co-production of the Student CD project. The Audio Intern gains instructional, organizational, and teamwork skills by providing workshops and technical support of the audio recording facilities. Other responsibilities include maintenance of analog equipment and computers, lab proficiencies, and the setup and operation of sound reinforcement systems of various sizes and complexity.

Contact: Patrick LaBahn (360) 867-5277 / email Patrick

Multimedia Instruction

The Multimedia Instruction Intern develops the instructional, technical and organizational skills needed to supervise, maintain, and teach in the Mac-based Multimedia Lab using Adobe Creative Cloud, Digital Performer, and other multimedia applications. The intern assists with workshops for software and media equipment in the Multimedia Lab, work on audio and video productions and on post-production assignments. They also administer proficiency tests, assists with lab hardware and software upgrades, creates instructional materials, and provides users with technical advice.

Contact: Aaron Kruse (360) 867-6842  / email Aaron

Music Technology

The Music Technology Intern develops advanced knowledge of music technology and gains organizational and teaching skills through the management of the Music Technology Labs. The intern’s learning is supplemented by readings, independent research, and co-production of the annual Evergreen Student Media Project. Intern responsibilities include studio scheduling, computer and hardware maintenance, and support for instructional workshops and proficiency tests.

Contact: Patrick LaBahn (360) 867-5277 / email Patrick


The Production Intern learns the technical, organizational, and leadership skills needed to successfully plan and execute media productions in various campus environments. This intern is deeply involved in all facets of the production process, including pre-production, technical specification, client relations, collaborative documentation, space management and scheduling, and crewing. In addition, this intern will lead and crew a wide range of productions. Additional duties also include workshop instruction, database management, and minor maintenance and technical support of equipment, labs, and facilities.

Contact: Ben Hargett (360) 867-6268 / email Ben


The Video Production Intern learns to produce, direct, and engineer productions using professional High-Definition video equipment in the Center for Creative and Applied Media television studio and in the field through work on a wide range of campus video production and post-production activities. The intern builds additional technical skills by doing DVD/Bluray/web authoring, minor maintenance and diagnostic review of equipment and labs, and support of studio operations including duplication and transfers.

Contact: Dave Cramton (360) 867-5505 / email Dave