Duplication Policy

Electronic Media provides duplication services to faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students. Occasionally services are also provided for external state agencies and projects generated by clients through Conference Services. We do not provide media or duplication services to the general public. For additional information please contact us:

Center for Creative and Applied Media Front Desk:

Library 1344

(360) 867-7510

We will provide labor for one academically related duplicated copy--up to two formats on the same duplication pass --at no charge, excluding materials. You must either provide all materials or purchase them through our office. The turn around time is typically within one business week.  Please notify us in advance for time sensitive requests.

Self-service duplication and transfers are available on a walk-in basis for all current students staff and faculty to complete academically related projects:

All associated permissions must be cleared and proof presented when necessary. We will not duplicate copyrighted materials without proper written permission.

Video Transfer

Electronic Media has the facilities to transfer to or from the following formats:

  • VHS including S-VHS
  • Video 8 and analog HI-8
  • 3/4" regular and SP
  • Betacam SP
  • DVD
  • HDV
  • QuickTime
  • 1" -- Please call
  • 16mm & Super-8 film -- Please call


  • Video Tape Dubbing - $10 pert VHS copy plus tape stock
  • DVD Authoring (anything beyond a straight transfer) - $150 per hour
  • DVD Dubbing - $20 per copy + authoring @ $150 per hour
  • CD Copying - $10 per copy + authoring @ $150 per hour