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Audio Mixing Bench 1 & 2

L1520 and L1525

The Mixing Benches are the introductory level audio facilities. Each lab has a mixer and a Macintosh computer for digital audio editing. The software includes Peak for basic editing and Digital Performer and Pro Tools for multi-track production.

The computers have DVD/CD burning drives for backing up files and making audio CDs. The labs also have a cassette deck, a mini disc deck, turntable, a VHS deck monitor and a phone hybrid for recording telephone interviews. Umbilicals and a patch bay make it possible to patch in additional equipment. Help is available through the Electronic Media desk in L1501.

The Mixing Benches do require a proficiency test. Sign up at the Electronic Media desk, L1501, or call (360) 867-6270. Scheduling can be done at Media Loan, L2504, (360) 867-6253.


Hardware: computer: Software:
Behringer 1204 Mixer Mac Pro Dual 2.8GHz Quad Core Peak Pro
Cassette Deck Digidesign M-Box Pro Tools LE
MiniDisk Recorder M-Audio Axiom Keyboard Digital Performer
Phone Hybrid Native Instruments Komplete
Turntable Toast
Waves Native Bundle