Access Policies

Electronic Media offers introductory and advanced level audio facilities. Most labs require proficiency tests which can be covered in curriculum incorporated in programs or individual study. The labs are only available for academic work.

The Audio Mixing Benches are the introductory labs. There is a required proficiency which can be scheduled at the Electronic Media desk Library 1501. The Mixing Benches can be scheduled at the Electronic Media Desk. 

The 5.1 Mix room is is a hybrid of a media classroom and a mixing control room. It is not equipped for recording but it is set up for mixing in stereo and 5.1 surrounds sound.  The 5.1 Mix room can be scheduled at Media Loan

The Audio Lab is the lab with a digital console. It requires a proficiency test.

The Orchestra Rehearsal and Recital Hall are have 16 channel API consoles and analog and digital recording. They require a proficiency test.

The 16-Track Studio is our advanced lab. It has a 16-track 2" Ampex tape machine and a Pro Tools system. It requires a proficiency test and previous work in the 8-track studios.

To gain access to the Audio Lab, 8-Track and 16-Track studios, students must demonstrate comprehension of signal flow and appropriate operation of the studio facilities through a proficiency test, administered by a staff member. These tests (from one to two hours, depending on the space) allow the student to demonstrate safe and proper use of the equipment and to show that they have a clear understanding of the audio system's use.

Students attending the "Intro to Audio Recording" part-time course learn how to use the Audio Lab and 8-track facilities. The 16-track proficiency is covered in either the "Advanced Audio Production" or "Multi-Track Composition" course. Spaces are made available for students with prior audio backgrounds to gain proficiency in the facilities outside of these course offerings. Through a combination of workshops and study time scheduled on an "as available" basis with Electronic Media staff, one can learn the operation of the studio for academic pursuits.

Scheduling procedures and a list of available microphones are available in the Audio Studio Policy (PDF) .

You can contact Zena Vergara for more information at 360-867-5277.