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Orchestra Rehearsal and Recital Hall 8-Track Studios

Com 111a and 212

During the Com building remodel the 8-Tracks Studios will be closed.  

The Orchestra Rehearsal and Recital Hall are the intermediate level 8-track studios. There are 2 separate control rooms with identical equipment. Each one has an adjacent recording space. The studios have an API 1604 console, a Mackie 1604 for tape monitoring, an 8-Track 1/2" Otari tape deck and a Apple Mac Pro. The computer has Pro Tools, Digital Performer Peak and a DIGI002R interface.

The proficiency for these studios is covered in the "Intro to Audio Recording" part time class. Students working outside of a program need to take a proficiency test to demonstrate their understanding of mixer signal flow and the use of the tape machines. For more information, contact Zena Vergara at (360) 867-5277 or the Audio intern at (360) 867-5848. Studio use is for academic work only.

Scheduling procedures and a list of available microphones are detailed in the Audio Studio policy handout (PDF).


Consoles: Effects: Dynamic Processors:
API 1604 1 EMT 240 Plate Reverbs 1 API 525 Compressor
API 550a EQ 1 Lexicon LXP-15-II 1 DBX 1066
API 560 EQ 1 TC Fireworx 1 Symetrix 425
Mackie 1604 1 TC M300
Recorders: Computer Equipment: software:
Ampex 440c 1/2" 4-track Mac Pro Dual 2.8GHz Quad Core Bias Peak
HHB CDR 830 CD Recorder Digidesign DIGI002r Interface Digidesign Pro Tools LE
Otari MX-5050 1/2" 8-Track MOTU Digital Performer
Sony Cassette Waves IR-L
Waves Native Bundle
Native Instruments Komplete