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16-Track Analog and Digital Recording

API 2488 ConsoleDuring the Com Building remodel the 16-Track studio will be set up in a temporary facility.

The 16-Track is our advanced analog audio studio. This studio is based on an API 2488 console, Ampex MM1200 16-track 2" tape machine and a ProTools system. It also includes a wide selection of analog and digital signal processors. It has its own recording space including an isolation booth.

The proficiency for this studio is covered in either the "Advanced Audio Production" or the "Multi-track Composition" course. Students working on their own would have to spend at least one academic quarter working in the 8-track studios. For more information contact Zena Vergara at (360) 867-5277 or the Audio intern at (360) 867-5848. Studio use is for academic work only.

Scheduling procedures and a list of available microphones are detailed in the Audio Studio policy handout.

Console: Effects: Dynamic Processors:
API 2488 2 EMT 240 Plate Reverbs 2 Avalon 737's
API 550a EQ 1 Ensoniq DP4+ 1 DBX 1066
API 560 EQ 1 Eventide H3000 1 Empirical Labs Distressor
Allison Automation 1 Lexicon PCM-70 3 Kepex gates
1 Soundworkshop Spring Reverb 242 1 Spectra Sonics 610
1 TC Finalyzer 2 Urei 1176's
1 TC Fireworx 2 Urei LA 4's
Recorders: Computer Equipment: Software:
Ampex 440b 1/4" 2-track Mac Pro Dual 2.8GHz Quad Core Bias Peak
Ampex 440c 1/2" 4-track Digidesign DIGI003r Interface Digidesign Pro Tools LE
Ampex MM-1200 2" 16-track Mackie Control MOTU Digital Performer
HHB CDR 830 CD Recorder Steinberg Neuendo 8 I/O 96k Native Instruments Komplete
Panasonic 3800 DAT Waves IR-1
Sony Cassette Waves Platinum Bundle