Office for Diversity Affairs and Equal Opportunity

Office for Diversity Affairs

The 2013-14 Diversity Fund Committee

diversity committee 2014-15 The President’s Diversity Fund for Equity and Social Justice mission is to reinforce an inclusive college climate and encourage more equitable institutional practices. We do this by providing grants to support programs and activities that educate the Evergreen community about diversity and equity.

The President's Diversity Fund Committee

Left to right: Hugo Flores, Phyllis Esposito, Bentse Bianbaciren, Maira Ramirez, Paul Gallegos, Marcenia Milligan, John Ford, Bernie Bell, Tyrone Somerville, Nicholas Bense. 

Diversity Library

Recent Acquisitions

  • For the Rights of AllPrecious Knowledge
  • The Sun Behind The CloudsSing Your Song
  • Beyond our Differecnes
  • Slingshot Hip Hop
  • Tattooed Under Fire

Equal Opportunity

  • Employment
    Evergreen seeks and strongly encourages qualified persons of all ages, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, women, persons with disabilities, and veterans to participate in our employment recruiting programs.
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In 2003, the Washington State Legislature approved HB (House Bil) 1079, making a college education more affordable for certain undocumented students. provides information about Washington State Colleges, scholarships, mentors and other support resources that is useful to 1079 (undocumented) students, adults, and institutions interested in supporting students.