Office for Diversity Affairs and Equal Opportunity

Conditions of Award

Is your event complete? Please fill out the Diversity Fund online summary evaluation.

As a condition of the award, grantees are required to provide the following information to the committee and complete an evaluation.  Some of this information is needed well before your event/activity to help us promote it.  Some can only be provided after the event/activity, but should be planned for now, and collected during your project.

Before the event:

About 2-3 weeks before your event, email the following to the Committee.

  • Advertising materials you create: such as the CPJ ad (required), posters, fliers, etc.
  • A press release or announcement with the event’s particulars: who, what, when, where, why, how much, contact info, etc.
  • High resolution photos of presenter or relevant subject matter (if available).

As you organize the event plan to gather the following information:

  • At least one good quote from the presenter/performer/facilitator.
  • Quotes from participants about the event (include the participant’s name, photo if possible).
  • At least one quote from one of the organizers or co-sponsors about the event.
  • At least two photos of the event, suitable for publication (at least 2 MB each).
  • List of acknowledgements (all sponsors, participating academic programs, people or entities that provided valued support

After the event

  • Complete the online evaluation form.
  • You can upload images, evaluate your event and give feedback on the grant process.