Office for Diversity Affairs and Equal Opportunity

President's Diversity Fund Committee

Current Committee Members

The Diversity Fund Committee Members

The President's Diversity Fund Committee (left to right): Michael Clifthorne, Merci Mohagheghi, Emily Roberts, William Wallace, Emmie Forman, Sara Teshome, Sarah Bland (Support Staff), Zhang Er.

Not pictured: Peter Bacho, M'Liss DeWald, John Gates, Araceli Tamayo-Lee and Chairperson: Paul D. Gallegos

Committee Membership

The committee is made up of Evergreen students, faculty, staff and alumni.  Each member serves for two years. The committee is intentionally culturally diverse and includes representatives from the Olympia and Tacoma campuses.  In addition, members bring a variety of approaches to the work of the committee, adding diversity of expertise and disciplines, such as performance, science, events production, media, etc.


  • Evergreen alum or current Evergreen student, faculty or staff
  • Commitment to promoting a positive campus environment for diversity
  • Commitment to collaborative decision-making
  • Willing to serve for two-years
  • Able to attend monthly on-campus meetings
  • Willing and able to provide timely grant reviews


With the guidance and support of the Special Assistant to the President for Diversity Affairs:

  • Serve as spokespersons and advocates for the Diversity Fund, its values and mission.
  • Establish and publish grant priorities, application criteria and timelines for the following academic year.
  • Inform the entire college (including staff, faculty and students, the Tacoma, Reservation Based, Evening and Weekend and Graduate Programs) about the availability of and criteria for Diversity Fund grants through marketing and promotion.
  • Read proposals and award grants with two goals in mind:
    • Supporting proposals that address the priorities established for that year;
    • Supporting an array of activities that combine to meet the developmental needs of the community.
  • Make other funding decisions consistent with the mission of the fund.
  • Ensure that grantees provide project evaluations consistent with fund criteria.
  • As schedules allow, represent the committee at funded activities.
  • Assess the effectiveness of activities supported or produced by the fund.

Time Commitment/Duration

Term of service is two years. The Committee has two annual retreats, meets one afternoon a month during the academic year to conduct its business, and may commit itself to additional activities as it sees fit.