Academic Deans

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Scott Coleman, Curriculum

Dean Areas of Responsibility

  • Full-Time Curriculum
    • Future Years' Curriculum
      • Professional Leave: Leave Without Pay and Sabbatical
    • Coordination with Planning Units
    • Publications and Online Catalog
  • Liaison to Programs with Directors
    • Tacoma
    • Master in Teaching
  • New Student Support
    • First-Year Programs
    • New Student Orientation
  • Individual Study Process
    • Contract Sponsor Orientation
    • Policies
  • UFE Management Committee
  • Enrollment Coordinating Committee
  • Strategic Enrollment Group
  • Retention Committee
  • Hiring Priorities
  • Faculty Development
  • Faculty Evaluations
  • Individual Study Contract Review


Andrew Reece, Academic Dean
Scott Coleman, Academic Dean
Katherine Sackmann, Program Coordinator