There are many questions regarding posting electronic materials for students and the laws of copyright which govern the distribution of electronic materials for a class or academic program.

The list below is a few common questions and answers that have come up regarding this issue.  If you have others that you think faculty would find helpful, please contact Academic Computing.

Q: Who is responsible for securing copyright permission for materials I am using for my course?
A: Evergreen State College Faculty members are ultimately responsible for securing permission from copyright holders. Before copyrighted course materials are placed on library reserve or copies are uploaded electronically to a Moodle site, the College recommends obtaining written permission whenever possible.

Q: Can someone assist me with scanning readings and checking against copyright guidelines and obtaining permission so I can make them available electronically to my students? 
A: Yes. Contact Jena Rosen at the Library Circulation Desk (ext. 6580) for more information on services related to scanning materials and checking for compliance with copyright law.

Q: Can I get permission from a copyright holder by e-mail or phone?
A: Yes. In any case, you will need to request written permission, therefore your e-mail communications or a written confirmation letter from the copyright holder would need to be kept on file.

Q: What materials can I post online?

  1. Your original works of authorship to which you hold copyright.
  2. Works in the public domain.
  3. Copyrighted articles and materials that you have received written permission to use.
  4. Copyrighted materials allowed under the T.E.A.C.H. Act of 2002.
  5. Copyrighted materials that can be protected under a Fair Use legal defense.

Q: What are general copyright guidelines for uploading materials?
A: All materials posted on Moodle should include a citation to the original source of publication and a form of copyright notice, if possible. Faculty members need to advise students that course materials are made available for the exclusive use of students enrolled in that particular course, and they may not distribute copies to students who are not enrolled in that class.

  • A limited number of limited portions of non-educational materials for a limited duration with a limited audience to achieve specific educational goals.

Q: Do I need permission to link to other Web pages or online articles? 
A: No. Linking to other web pages from Moodle generally does not raise any copyright questions.

Q: Can I upload course readings to my personal Web sites?
A:  No, unless you have specific written permission to do so. If you've been provided with copyright permission to post publicly, please provide a copy of that permission to the College's copyright officer for their records.