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Evergreen IT Portfolio

Evergreen's IT Portfolio site contains planning and summary information on current and potential technology efforts on campus.

Evergreen’s IT Portfolio identifies important issues, initiatives, planning and projects underway or anticipated. The portfolio will change over time in response to technology changes, curriculum needs and administrative directions.

Evergreen Planning Process

The Evergeen State College mission statement focuses on a unique set of teaching and learning principles called the Five Foci: interdisciplinary learning, learning across significant differences, personal engagement with learning, linking theory and practice, and collaborative learning. Evergreen completed its last accreditation study in 2008.

Evergreen operates under its long-range strategic plan of 2007. The strategic plan calls for incorporating technology into the curriculum, supporting collaboration across students and faculty, meeting security requirements, operating under a well-defined project management method, fostering IT literacy, developing an infrastructure, and enhancing administrative functions.

A cross-campus collaborative effort was used to draft the IT Strategic Plan with broad participation from Evergeen's constituent groups and units. Given this richly collaborative, campus-wide process by which Evergreen developed the IT Strategic Plan, it's not surprising that the full collection of IT resources, academic and administrative, has a strong correlation to the College's strategic plan. Our enterprise management applications (e.g., admissions, student records, financial aid, budget and accounting) were carefully selected by a broad group of staff and faculty to accommodate Evergreen's unique mission and curriculum.

Challenges & Opportunities

Evergreen continues to face many technology challenges in meeting its teaching and learning mission. The rapidly changing IT security environment demands that we continually adopt new standards, processes and habits. This is the new reality for higher education IT environments and requires long-term solutions and new attitudes. Likewise, viruses, spam and other versions of malware require our continual attention to the 'edge' of our network.

Another challenge is the numerous buildings across campus that are currently under major renovations. This remodel work will continue to place added pressures on our limited technology resources to ensure installation of an infrastructure in support of future needs. Also, the IT community at Evergreen will continue to be challenged by the ever increasing expectations of the users of technology services within a limited resource pool. As more and more of our IT resources reach the status of 'mission critical,' we struggle with balancing resources between the need for quality support with the need for new development projects.

Evergreen's unique IT governance process provides the opportunity for the interests of students and faculty to be heard in the prioritization of resources and in setting direction of technology on campus. This process has improved communications ensuring an enterprise approach to solutions and ensures the focus of limited resources on pathways directly supporting the goal of educational excellence. The IT governance process also provides the opportunity to increase collaboration across campus supporting innovation, increasing the sustainability of our systems and generating efficiencies.

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