Telecommuting, or working from home or a satellite location, is booming as employees and employers recognize the benefits of using technology to increase productivity. It has become increasingly popular as more and more workers have jobs in which they create, manipulate or disseminate information - work that often can be done anywhere or at anytime.

Telecommuting is applicable for jobs that can be performed at least part-time away from the office. Telecommuting requires jobs to be portable. In Washington state, telecommuting has seen an incredible 400 percent increase since 1993 at work sites that are affected by the Commute Trip Reduction law.

Telecommuting is ideal for employees who have strong time management skills, who are above average performers, and who can work with little direction.

The Evergreen State College does not have a formal telecommute policy, so check with your Supervisor if you would like to explore the possibility of working at home.