Greener Commute / Commute Trip Reduction

Commuter Lockers


Lockers are available and FREE to people who take alternative transportation to campus at least once per week for the quarter.  Students residing in campus housing are ineligible to use the lockers.

Lockers are assigned by staff at the Parking Services office on campus. Visit the Parking Office or use the contact methods below to find out more about the locker program.

The Commuter Lockers are in the following locations:

  • Outside of the first floor library lobby.
  • In the Seminar I breezeway.
  • In the Seminar II building’s (A, B, C, E) first floor stairwell.
  • Outside of the Seminar II café.
  • In the College Activities Building (CAB) on the first floor across from The Greenery.
  • In the Lab I basement across from the service elevator.

***Please note that the commuter lockers are cleaned out and the locks are rotated every quarter.  Contact parking services and complete a new locker request form if you would like to continue using your locker for the following quarter.  If you do not fill out a new form for the quarter in Parking Services in order to continue to use your locker, your items will be removed from the locker.  If your items remain unclaimed for 30 days, the items will be placed in the campus lost and found.***