Greener Commute / Commute Trip Reduction

Commute Trip Reduction Employee Benefits

The benefits below are available to permanent employees of The Evergreen State College who use alternative methods of transportation at least 60% of the time. To sign up, stop by Parking Services in the Seminar I Building.

Employee Transit Pass

Permanent Evergreen employees, excluding student staff, are eligible for the STAR (State Agency Rider) pass. The STAR pass allows you to ride any Intercity Transit bus, including Dial-A-Lift and Olympia Express service to Tacoma, at no charge.

The STAR pass can be used on any Intercity Transit bus, any time and for any reason. Use the STAR pass to commute to work or school, for shopping, for recreation or to go to dinner.

To get your STAR pass, visit the Parking Services office in the Seminar Building.

Showers & Lockers

Private showers and clothing lockers are available at no cost to CTR Employee Benefits Program participants. You must provide your own lock, and lockers are on a first come first served basis.

SAFE-Ride Program

The SAFE-Ride program (State Agency Free Emergency Ride Program) is designed to make sure employees who used a commute alternative to get to work are not stranded if an emergency occurs, they themselves or a family member become ill, they are asked to work late without prior notice, or their carpool or vanpool driver had to leave early.

The SAFE-Ride program provides Yellow Cab taxi service (up to 65 miles one way) to your home from Evergreen at no cost to the employee.

To request a SAFE-Ride, call Police Services at extension 6832.

Parking Passport

The Parking Passport entitles you to park for free for up to 36 days per year. The number days you may park will be adjusted depending on when the Passport is issued. For example, if you sign up in January, you would receive 18 passes.

Passports are transferable, but will not be replaced if lost or stolen.