Writing as Craft

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Summer 2018 (Full Session)
Credits per quarter

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writing, research, and information systems

Students will learn to identify patterns in their writing that work against clarity.  We will start with sentence grammar and syntax and continue by focusing on persuasion and style.  The class will emphasize writing as a social act, where we collaborate on the related crafts of reading, writing, and revising. Students are encouraged to continue working on papers from previous programs and to revise their ongoing work. The curriculum is both rigorous and inclusive, following Annie Dillard advice, “When you write, you lay out a line of words. The line of words is a miner’s pick, a woodcarver’s gouge, a surgeon’s probe. You wield it, and it digs a path you follow.”

Students can register for 4 credits first session, or 8 credits full session. 

Fields of study: 

This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in: Teaching, Law, Creative Writing, Technical Writing, Science, Medicine

Online learning:
  • No Required Online Learning - No access to web tools required. Any web tools provided are optional.

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Located in: Olympia

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Tu/Th 9am-1pm