Writing Beyond the Basics

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Summer 2018 quarter (Full Session)

Taught by

law, creative writing, literature

This class will focus on enhancing writing skills needed for communicating with academic and popular audiences. During the first session, students will study the art of composition, with an emphasis on improving writing projects typically associated with the effective dissemination of community resource materials, manuals, position papers, etc. Students will study the art of effective and accurate editing. Regarding the latter, students will edit an unedited version of a journal entry that is part of a novel – written by the Instructor – and published by the University of Hawai’i Press.

During the second session, students will shift their focus to creative writing. They will create a credible protagonist, do a variety of effective creative writing exercises, and hold weekly readings of their work. They will write a flash fiction piece, after which they will convert their piece into a treatment - the precursor to a film script.

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Fields of Study

communication literature writing

Preparatory For

communications, journalism, editing, and a variety of fields requiring good writing skills


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12-4p Tue/Thu at Tacoma

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No Required Online Learning