Writing and Speaking in the Workplace and Beyond

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Fall 2018 quarter

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English, writing, literature

This program will help students develop valuable skills in both writing and public speaking that will enhance their current and future effectiveness in the classroom, the workplace, and the broader community. As writers, students will develop the clarity, coherence, focus, and style necessary to good factual communication. Specific writing assignments will include descriptions, analytical outlines, detailed instructions, business correspondence, newsletter articles, short reports, résumés, and job descriptions. As speakers, students will learn to control speech anxiety, compose several well-organized presentations, and develop the performance skills necessary for effective public speaking. We will also explore contemporary and traditional rhetorical theory in relation to persuasive and invitational speaking goals. All students will receive individualized feedback and coaching in order to identify challenges, expand skills, and gain confidence in their ability to speak and write at their best. This program satisfies prerequisite credits for selected MiT (Master in Teaching) endorsement areas.

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communication writing

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business, communication, humanities, public speaking, and writing.


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Tu/Th 6-10p

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