Working with Conflict

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Summer 2017 quarter (Second Session)

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Using conflict as a generative tool: How skillfully harnessing contrasting points of view can be a catalyst for learning and growth

In most collaborative environments, conflicts are feared and avoided. Yet the longer we go without addressing rising conflict, the farther away we move from each other and the most stuck we become in our positions. Skillful leaders must learn how to get the conflict out into the open and use it as a source of creativity and as a catalyst for learning and growth. The theories you will learn and the skills that you will practice in this course will increase you capacity to succeed in turbulent times by showing you how to work with differences in a group and turning destructive conflict into creative tension.

Much of the content of this course will be drawn from the Lewis method of Deep Democracy developed in post-apartheid South Africa and practiced in over 20 countries around the world. Deep Democracy is a psychologically based facilitation methodology particularly useful for working with relationship and group dynamics that are emotionally charged or marked by difference. 

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