Work and Disability: Minimizing the Human and Financial Impact of Disability

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Summer 2017 (First Session)
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Work and Disability: Minimizing the Human and Financial Impact of Disability focuses on the interplay of work and disability.  How do we balance the needs of people with disability and needs of society? How does our perception of disability shape our reality in dealing with individuals with disability?  This course will primarily address the impact of adult onset disabilities such as musculoskeletal injuries, occupational disease, and chronic illness. Students will gain an understanding of disability legislature, disability programs, disability rights, psychosocial aspects of disability, and vocational rehabilitation strategies to enhance employment outcomes.  There will be opportunities for career exploration.  We will learn about jobs held in the public and private sector including human resources, vocational rehabilitation, disability benefits programs, and job modification specialists.   

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This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in: Vocational rehabilitation, Human Resources, Policy , Insurance, Disability Management, Ergonomics

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Tue/Thu 6-10p