Where Are You? Introduction to Geography and Geographical Awareness

Spring 2018
Credits per quarter
Variable Credit Options Available

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Taught by

Martha Henderson
geography, political ecology

Ever wonder why sixth grade geography was so boring? Memorizing place names and locations is NOT geography! Join this program and learn a new way of being in the world. This program will provide an overview of geography as an academic discipline and a knowledge base that defines the uniqueness of places, regions, environmental conditions, and spatial abilities. Using a traditional geography textbook, we will cover the four main areas of geography—physical or Earth sciences, regions of the world, patterns of social organization, and basic methods of data collection and mapping techniques. We will also read a set of texts that inform the creation of landscapes of meaning, environmental awareness, and resource management in the United States. Class meeting times will be used for introductory lecture materials, seminar on texts, and field trips. The online component will include a set of assignments and inquiry-based learning.

Fields of study: 

This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in: teaching and education, environmental studies, and geography.

Online learning:
  • Hybrid Online Learning - This offering delivers 25 - 49% of its instruction online, rather than via face-to-face contact between you and your instructors.

$25 for entrance fees to museums and science centers.

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Located in: Olympia

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