Visual Music in 16mm and 35mm Direct Animation

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Summer 2017 quarter (Second Session)

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In direct animation, a century-old camera-less form, artists use painting, scratching and myriad techniques not recommended by manufacturers to animate on motion picture film. It is an analog fine art offering experiential liberation from increasingly digital visual cultures. In this intensive hands-on class students practice numerous methods of direct animation including darkroom hand-processing, and invent their own techniques to create lots of footage in a short time, while studying genre masters like Len Lye, McLaren, Sistiaga, and Neubauer. Final culminating projects will explore analog and digital methods for publicly presenting students' work in celebratory projection performance extravaganzas on campus and in downtown Olympia.

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media studies moving image visual arts

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media arts, visual arts, education



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9a-5p Tue/Thurs

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$110 fee for film supplies and equipment


2017-04-12Required fee reduction- was $150, now $110.