Veterans' Next Mission: Crossing the Bridge Between Military and Academic Life

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Fall 2018
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military history, communications, veterans affairs and policy

This course is designed to prepare and or to fine-tune those skills that are essential for success in higher education. It aims at helping active duty, veterans and dependents in transitioning to a college environment and provides them with an overview of the tools that are available to succeed. We will use a seminar format, where class members discuss issues confronting their re-entry into the civilian community, and the academic environment. Through reading and research, we will discover effective tools and strategies for dealing with those challenges. The class will feature short lectures, films on various topics, followed by discussions. The learning objectives will be placed on improving reading, critical thinking, handling crucial conversations, research methods and expository writing skills.  The course will also focus on providing insight to the non-traditional style of education at Evergreen. In support of these goals, the primary readings will be  What it is Like to go to War  written by Karl Marlantes a decorated U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, and  Here, Bullet   a book of poems about the war in Iraq, written by Brian Turner, U.S. Army Veteran. As deliverable to these learning objectives, you will be turning in an argument-driven essay on the Marlantes readings. Will be writing a poem based on the learning gain from the Turner readings. Participate in several   Ted Talk   style presentations. Participate in an end of the quarter team project, which will result in research and presentation that will demonstrate the skills and abilities acquired during the quarter. In addition, the students will actively interact with guest lecturers, will participate in seminar sessions and maintain portfolio.

Credits will be awarded in communications, research methods, and descriptive, expository, and creative writing.

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6-9:30p Thu