Thinking Clearly in Difficult Times

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Winter 2018 quarter

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When we are assaulted with information and misinformation on all sides, how can we sort through it all and come to reasonable, reflectively acceptable positions on the central issues of our day? How do we think our way through pressing social issues that require responses—issues such as climate change and social inequality?

In this one-quarter writing intensive program, students will be introduced to the foundations for thinking and writing clearly about social issues. Students will do this work through reading carefully texts in ethics and social and political philosophy, through writing about these texts and critiquing each others' writing, and through conducting library research into a contemporary issue of their choice. Students who work diligently will improve their abilities to to reason well and write clearly so as to contribute to important conversations about our shared future. As our program work will strengthen core academic skills of writing and critical thinking, this program will serve as a foundation for intermediate academic study, particularly in the humanities and social sciences.

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