Therapy Through the Arts (evening)

Summer 2017 quarter (Full Session)

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This class will explore the role that movement, visual art, theater, music, and media can play in problem solving and in the resolution of internalized fear, conflicts, or blocks.  Through a variety of hands-on activities, field trips, readings, films/video, and guest speakers, students will discover sources of imagery, sound, and movement as tools to awaken their creative problem solving from two perspectives—as creator and viewer.  Students interested in human services, social sciences, media, humanities and education will find this course engaging. This course does not require any prerequisite art classes or training. Students may attend either day or evening sessions; first, second or full sessions for 8 or 16 credits accordingly. Students wanting 12 credits full session will negotiate with the faculty on course requirements.

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Fields of Study

aesthetics art history communication consciousness studies cultural studies education media arts media studies music psychology sociology theater visual arts writing

Preparatory For

Counseling, Education, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology


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Day and Evening

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Day sessions Monday through Thursday 10am-1:45pm or

Evening sessions Monday through Thursday 6pm-9:45pm

Students may attend either day 10am-1:45pm or evening sessions 6p-9:45p.

Online Learning

No Required Online Learning


2017-05-2412 credit option now available