Sustainable Infrastructure: Public Works for the 21st Century

Fall 2017 quarter

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public administration

Many organizations are in need of new talent, thinking, and tools that enable decision-making leading to more sustainable outcomes.  This 2 credit intensive course will explore sustainable decision-making, in particular as it applies to the context of public works and infrastructure spending and investment.  Infrastructure represents the vital circulatory systems of society; decision-making on infrastructure investment has major implications for long-term quality of life, economic vitality, social equity, climate change, public health, and more.  We will study leading edge thinking and key challenges, and develop practical, hands-on experience with decision tools designed to yield more sustainable, affordable outcomes with multiple community-wide benefits.  Team projects will focus on real-world decisions by municipal, tribal, and state agencies.

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Nov 17-19, 5-9p Fri, 9a-5p Sat/Sun

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