Studio Arts for Expressive Arts Therapy: Developing Cultural Competence

Fall 2018 and Winter 2019 quarters

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Studio Arts for Expressive Arts Therapy: Developing Cultural Competence will offer an introduction to ways of working with ceramics, drawing, interactive theater, and journaling with the dual purpose of deepening understandings of students’ personal cultural contexts as well as providing foundational skills for seeing how these processes could work with clients in a multicultural context. The focus of this work is to begin to a lifetime professional commitment to developing cultural competency to be able to work in health care, education and other community based settings.

In the fall, students will explore the expressive potential of functional ceramic forms. Techniques will include hand building, wheel throwing, alteration of thrown forms, and surface decoration. There will also be a basic introduction to ceramic processes, formal elements of art, and critique. In the Winter, students will explore principles and techniques in drawing.  Emphasis will be on learning to draw what you see through close observation. Students will be introduced to a variety of drawing materials and techniques as well as proportion, sighting, perspective, value and composition.  Art assignments will encourage exploration of identity, experimentation with materials, practicing embodiment, and development of the skills required to communicate effectively through objects.  Along with these skills, integrative assignments will combine cultural identity competency, psychology, and intermodal expressive arts therapy processes. This two-quarter program of study is preparatory for careers and further study in psychology, fine arts, expressive art therapy, education and cultural studies.

This program will be a hybrid with a daytime offering entitled Multicultural Counseling . If you are interested in a more in depth three quarter, full-time Psychology course during the day with internships in local counseling/mental health settings in Winter and Spring, please apply to that program. This 8 credit evening program will include the students from the daytime Multicultural Counseling program and the Evening and Weekend Studies Studio Art for Expressive Art Therapy program.

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cultural studies psychology visual arts

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expressive art therapy, visual art, community mental health


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Hybrid Online Learning 25 - 49% Delivered Online

Special Expenses

Students will need to purchase their own clay in the fall. Estimate $25 depending on projects and if the student recycles their own clay.


$75 for Fall and $20 for Winter for project supplies