Student-Originated Studies: Social Sciences, History, Multiculturalism, Diversity

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Winter 2018
Credits per quarter
Variable Credit Options Available

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Taught by

Michael Vavrus
education, history, political economy

This Student-Originated Studies (SOS) program is an opportunity for students to do independent intermediate to advanced work in the social sciences and history, especially topics in diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice.  At the first class meeting students will complete a draft of a 10-week individualized syllabus in collaboration with the faculty – with the first individualized assignment is due at the end of Week 1.

The SOS format includes weekly meetings to discuss particular assignments and updates on student independent, individualized work.  Students will also seminar on the SOS’s common reading – Ibram X. Kendi’s National Book Award Winner “Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America.”  If appropriate and fitting, students can also incorporate this book into their individual research project.

Each student will engage in weekly academic writing assignments based on their individualized reading list and the common reading.  Students will upload assignments to Canvas on a weekly basis that written assignments that indicate (a) progress toward a final summative project and (b) engagement with the common reading.  As a summation of independent research and study, each student will upload a cumulative paper of their research by the end of Week 10.  Prior to final evaluation conferences, students must also upload a self-evaluation of their own academic achievement.  Students will need to be available for individual conferences with the faculty during Week 5 and Evaluation Week. 

This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in: social sciences, history, and education

Online learning:
  • Enhanced Online Learning - This offering requires access to web-based tools, but use of these tools does not displace any face-to-face instruction.
Internship Opportunities:

An in-program internship is possible if (1) it is related to theme of this student-originated studies program, (2) the student has already researched and started the process to get approval from an outside agency with an identified supervisor, and (3) an academic component is included (see SOS description). Students pursuing this option must complete an in-program internship learning contract in consultation with the faculty and Academic Advising. Please go to Individual Study for more information.

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