Student-Originated Studies: Gender in Music

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Spring 2017
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As with many facets of society, the culture and industry of music has been disproportionately dominated by men and masculine themes. Women and non-binary musicians are typically represented less in the musical canon than cis-men, and where feminine figures are portrayed, they often end up stereotyped or reduced to objects of the male gaze. This results in a problematic portrayal of non-cis-male models for consumers of music, as well as a difficult experience for non-cis-male artists and producers within the music industry.

This Student Originated Studies program commits to examine the the experience of artists and producers in the music industry, the impact of gender-representation on music consumers of various gender identities, and the way gender roles are portrayed in music and its related media. The ultimate product of this study will be a compilation of songs that have traditionally been gendered as male or masculine, which will be re-recorded with non-cis-male artists, particularly focusing on female and non-cis gendered singers. To achieve this, students will study various aspects of audio recording/production, including microphone techniques, audio effects, and the general processes of music production and promotion.

Readings will include  Modern Recording Techniques  by David Miles Huber   and  Gender in the Music Industry: Rock, Discourse and Girl Power  by Marion Leonard, as well as various articles. Students will hold seminars and compose bi-weekly essays on readings, in preparation for a final research essay based on interviews with artists and other music professionals.

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