Statistics for Public Service and Managers

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Summer 2018 quarter (Second Session)

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public administration

Statistics can transform data into useful information for decision makers. In this course students will be shown why statistics are relevant and will become familiar with software that is commonly used in the public sector as well as the business world. In fun and interactive ways students will learn how: (1) to present and describe information; (2) draw conclusions about populations of interest using sample information; (3) make reliable forecasts; and (4) ultimately to gain knowledge about improving organizational processes in the public as well as private sectors by using statistics.

This course introduces the concepts and techniques of elementary statistics. Topics include descriptive statistics, discrete and continuous probability distributions, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, and linear regression. This course is designed to provide students with the essential tools used in statistical analysis, and meets the prerequisite requirements for the MES and MPA programs. The software Excel will be used throughout the course.

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