Sport: Politics, Economics, and Personal Engagement

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Spring 2017
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In this program students will analyze the political and economic forces that shaped and influenced the rise of corporate sports in contemporary culture. Through a close examination of scholarly texts and sports media, including television, film, and various forms of social media, the program will explore the following questions: 1) How has the motivation for profit impacted the growth and popularity of particular sports? 2) How has sport spectatorship and sports “fandom” contributed to particular social and cultural values? 3) How are power relations both reproduced and resisted in and through sports? 4) Whose voices are and are not represented in the narratives and images portrayed through sports? 5) How do sports reproduce and reinforce issues surrounding race, class, and gender identities?

In order to develop credible responses to the questions, students will engage in close reading of texts and a variety of academic writing activities, including seminar preparation papers, workshop preparation notes, integration papers, and a research-based review of the literature on a self-selected topic related to program themes. Students will make an oral presentation of their literature review supported by PowerPoint technology. Students can expect to leave this program having developed academic research proficiency and analytical reading, writing and speaking skills to participate in current political and economic debates about corporate sport culture.

In addition, on designated Thursday afternoons class members will play selected sports together in an “intramural” low-key competitive environment in order to develop and enhance the learning community. Students will produce written reflection on their experiences in relation to program themes.

This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in: education, journalism, sports management, and leadership studies.

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First class meeting: Monday, April 3 at 9:30am (Lecture Hall Classroom 6)

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