Skills for Agents of Change

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Fall 2017 quarter

Taught by

Lean, public administration

Nathan Petty

This class will be taught by Nathan Petty. Healthy organizations have compelling visions for the future. Their purpose statements are clearly defined and well communicated. These organizations have a whole system of people who provide the support employees need to make successful transitions required by organizational change. Plans are developed collaboratively and work is managed against goals or objectives. When priorities are revised, the strategies to manage the changes often fall to this group. Skills for Agents of Change will enable you to manage change effectively using various change management techniques.

We will create a practical understanding of the theories and perspectives of change. We will unlock the change management process by clearly understanding that “purpose dictates strategy.” We will unmask and introduce you to the change management process and ways to integrate change management activities into any project. We will learn how to assess the size of the change and create an appropriate change management strategy. Participants will also spend time exploring the most important aspect of change management – themselves. Change is inevitable. What you can control is how skillfully you will handle it.

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