Scientific Explorations in Chemistry and Archaeology

Fall 2017
Winter 2018
Spring 2018
Class Size: 40
50% Reserved for Freshmen
Credits per quarter

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Taught by

Sunderman square
physical and inorganic chemistry
classics, archaeology

Though mass media portrays archaeologists as poison-arrow-ducking, Nazi-foiling adventurers, the truth is that archaeologists are scientists—and they often spend more time in the lab than finding the Ark of the Covenant. This program trains students to be such scientists. Incorporating archaeology, chemistry, math, research, and project presentation (written, oral, and visual), we seek to teach students all stages of the scientific method, from gathering data to presenting original research at conferences.

The study will benefit students who are looking for general chemistry credits and who have an interest in archaeology. No previous experience in chemistry or archaeology is required, but students should be able to use a scientific calculator and have completed high school algebra. High school precalculus is strongly recommended.

In the fall, students will review precalculus and algebra, begin studies and laboratory experiments in general chemistry, and learn about basic archaeological principles, methods, and field work in Washington state. In the winter, students will continue to learn general chemistry with laboratory and will be taught archaeological recording and lab methods. By spring quarter, students will be prepared to conduct original research on archaeological finds, such as chemical component analysis of artifacts. Students will also be prepared to design and present a research poster on their topics. Depending on students’ research topics, spring quarter may include participation in the Northwest Anthropological Conference, the Washington State Undergraduate Research Symposium, or the Evergreen Science Carnival. Seminar readings throughout the year will focus especially on issues of social justice in the sciences, as well as ethics in science.

This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in:

anthropology, chemistry, and history


Credits per quarter


Students must have taken high school algebra and be able to use a scientific calculator. High school precalculus is strongly recommended.

Online learning:
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$150 per quarter for supplies.

Class Standing: Freshman–Sophomore
Class Size: 40
50% Reserved for Freshmen

Scheduled for: Day

Located in: Olympia

2017-03-09This program has been cancelled.