Research In Ecology - Local to Global

Winter 2017 quarter

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This program will provide students with the opportunity to develop research work in ecology. Students may work individually; small groups (two to three students) are encouraged to provide the opportunity to learn from each other. There will be time during the first week of class for students to develop their research ideas and to form small groups if desired.

The program will have three components: 1) we'll read and have a weekly seminar on key research papers from the peer-reviewed ecological literature that have significantly influenced the development of ecological thought; 2) we'll have lectures and workshops on research methods, experimental design, descriptive and inferential statistics, and modeling; and 3) students will conduct their own research projects. The research projects will be the central feature of the program. Students will meet regularly to discuss their ongoing work and share ideas.

The research topics could range from local to global, including larger environmental issues such as global climate change, biodiversity loss, invasive species, disruption of ecosystem processes, etc. Research projects could include producing a review article or meta-analysis based on published work, creating a computer simulation model of an ecological problem, or doing original fieldwork. Students will write a scientific paper about their work.

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ecology environmental studies sustainability studies


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Monday and Wednesday evening 6-10 pm each week, and Saturdays 9am-5pm Jan 14, 28, Feb 11, 25, Mar 11.

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