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Summer 2017 quarter (Second Session)

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Law and policy are two sides of the same coin—you can't make one without the other. Agency and non-profit administrators interface with the law every day, be it administrative regulations, litigation impacting program mission, public records, or public service ethics laws. This course seeks to give MPA students a solid grounding in the areas of the law that relate to policy-making. It will explore administrative rule-making, including how agencies get the authority to do what they do (i.e., constitutional law), how they make rules, the public’s role in the rule-making procedure, and how these rules are challenged. This course will also consider the interplay between law and policy, including from a budgeting perspective, and touch on areas of law most salient in public administration, such as the Public Records Act, employment law, and ethics laws. Overall, we will explore the civil (and occasionally criminal) justice system with the idea that a better understanding of our third branch of government makes us better citizens and better leaders.

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