Positive Psychology

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Fall 2017
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Following Frankl's existentialist urgings toward hope and meaning, as well as the humanists’ emphasis on self-actualization, leading scholars in psychology founded "positive psychology" in 1998. Since that time, we now have a better understanding of humans at their best. This worldwide collaborative effort has attempted to balance early psychology’s focus on psychopathology. In this class, we will study correlates to life satisfaction and examine empirical science as well as practical strategies for promoting well being, quality of life, and resilience. Students will engage in experiential activities related to gratitude, hope, altruism, etc., as well as seminar with inmates working on this material in a state prison.

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Saturdays, 9/30; 10/14 & 10/28; 11/11; 12/2 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.