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Winter 2018 quarter

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creative writing, sustainability, public policy
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Successful completion of Writing from Life course and application to the PLE program

Prior Learning from Experience allows people with significant professional and/or community-based experience to kick-start or accelerate a college degree.  Students receive significant support from peers and faculty in learning how to assemble a portfolio that shows the “college equivalent learning” they have gained through professional and/or community-based work.  Students earn credit through a combination of coursework and faculty evaluation of the completed essay.This separate and economical assessment and award of credit for prior learning speeds time to degree.  Students completing a PLE document generally describe the experience as “transformative,” helping them to understand the college level equivalence of their professional and community-based experience, as well as preparing them for future academic and professional work. The program has a prerequisite course, which you will find under “Writing from Life.”  You will also find further information, including a video, at .

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