Paris Muse: French - First Year III

Spring 2017 quarter

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French language


Equivalent of 2 quarters college French or 3 years High School French

The full-time program Paris Muse includes French language instruction.  Students may register for a stand-alone 4 credit option (CRN 30192) within Paris Muse .

This course in French emphasizes mastery of basic skills through a solid study of grammatical structures and focus on interactive oral activities.  Classes use immersion style learning and students are surrounded by authentic French from the start.  Student work encompasses all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.  They will develop accurate pronunciation, build a useful vocabulary, work regularly in small groups and learn conversational skills.  Classes are lively and fast-paced with a wide variety of creative, fun activities including music, poetry, videos, role-play, and web sites.  Spring quarter themes focus on development of reading skills through tales, legends and viewing Francophone films from the Francophone world alongside grammatical study.  Through aloud reading and discussions in French, students will acquire vocabulary proficiency, accurate pronunciation, fluidity, and dialogues. Students use the Language Laboratory to accelerate their skills.

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language studies


Spring Open

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5:00-7:00p Mon/Wed

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No Required Online Learning


2017-04-03Course schedule updated at faculty request: Should be 5-7pm (was previously listed at 7:15-9pm)
2017-03-07New spring opportunity. Students may register for 4 credits of language instruction within Paris Muse.