Pacific Northwest Weather and Climate

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Summer 2017 (First Session)
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Pacific Northwest Weather and Climate will cover basic atmospheric physics related to weather and climate of the region. Three overarching themes will frame introductory algebra-based physics and pre-calculus level math. First, the fundamental concepts that explain the workings of weather (motion, force/pressure, energy, temperature, thermodynamics, light, and optics). Second, an in-depth look at transport of energy, air, and water in the earth system (heat transfer mechanisms, phase changes, fluid dynamics), to broadly explain how patterns of weather and climate emerge considering regional geography. Third, physical principles will lead to discussions and investigations of likely factors contributing climate changes in the Pacific Northwest. Topics in math include algebra and algebraic thinking, linear and power functions, proportional reasoning, basic trigonometry & geometry, and scientific reasoning.

The study of physics and math in this course is meant to meet the criteria for the Masters in Teaching program, and to complement the Pacific Northwest History course offered by Dr. Liza Rognas.

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This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in: Masters in Teaching, mathematics, physics, chemistry, environmental studies

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