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Fall 2016
Winter 2017
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Music, its meaning, importance in human lives, and role in human civilizations have been topics considered by philosophers from ancient Greece to the present day. What do our experiences of music have to do with our intellectual understanding of the subject? In what ways does the experience of performing music differ from the experience of listening? Are there approaches to listening that result in more meaningful engagement with the music?

In this program we will explore points of intersection between music as it is created and perceived in the moment, philosophical writings about music from antiquity to the present, and theoretical principles that influence our musical experiences and understanding. Our work with progressive skill development will require physical immersion into the practices of listening, moving, and making music. Theoretical, philosophical, and literary studies will require the development of a common working vocabulary, writing skills, and critical-thinking skills. Weekly activities will include readings, lectures, seminars, and interactive workshops designed to encourage students to expand and meld their creative interests within an intellectual infrastructure. Performance workshops will provide opportunities to gain firsthand understanding of fundamental skills and concepts as well as the transformative possibilities that exist through honest confrontation of challenging experiences. Writing workshops and assignments will encourage thoughtful consideration of a broad range of program topics. This balanced approach to the development of physical craft, artistry, and intellectual engagement is expected to culminate in a significant written and performance project.

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This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in: music and performance.

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$50 in winter for concert tickets and workshop materials.


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Located in: Olympia

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First winter class meeting: Monday, January 9th at 9am (Com 117)

2016-11-28This program will not accept new enrollment winter quarter.
2016-11-15Fall fee deferred to winter quarter.